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The Reef, the Rainforest, and the Restaurant

We are excited to share that two of our Far North Queensland businesses, Reef Magic and GBR Biology, were recently featured in a sustainable travel series, Sustainable Travel: Where Next?ย 

This series aims to take viewers on a journey to explore sustainability initiatives that are transforming tourism around the world. Reef Magic and GBR Biology were featured in the episode titled Australia: The Reef, the Rainforest, and the Restaurant.

GBR Biology & Reef Magic featured in sustainable tourism documentary

Watch the episode here

Samantha Gray and Dustin Maloney both did a fantastic job of sharing the efforts Reef Magic and GBR Biology, and spoke passionately about the initiatives undertaken by our team that are helping preserve the Great Barrier Reef.

We recommend taking the time (a short 7.5 minutes) to watch the episode, which can be viewed here!

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