What Our Customers Have to Say

“This was an amazing adventure with stunning snorkeling of the reef and fish.”

Julia T

“Great experience, friendly and knowledgeable crew. The reef was amazing, recognition of cultural traditions, sharing of knowledge and guided tour of the reef made the trip a great experience.”

Natalie H

“Marine biologists were informative and helpful. Worth getting a personal snorkelling tour around the coral.”

Angus R

“Had a fantastic day,
All the crew were professional, knowledgeable, friendly helpful.”

Vivienne C

“The snorkel safari was so amazing, Eric pointed out marine life I would have missed, and did a great job of making sure we saw the best parts of the reef. 10/10 would do it again!”

Kiara R

“In May Newman Catholic College took 143 students out to the new Reef Magic Pontoon. The team at GBR Biology helped us to develop an itinerary for the day that catered for our needs across a range of subject areas. It was evident that the staff were highly experienced at working with school children, pitching information and activities at the perfect level to keep all students excited and engaged. We participated in some great activities such as plankton sampling, microscope use, underwater data collection and cultural tours.
We learned so much about the amazing natural resource we have on our door stop and students have not stopped talking about how awesome and amazing the whole experience was. Thanks team GBR Biology, we will be back again and again.”

Matt RadburndNewman Catholic College, Smithfield