Sea Country Connections

Sea Country Connections

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GBR Biology partners with local Indigenous Land and Sea Country Rangers to come and engage with students about Sea Country Connections to the Great Barrier Reef. The Rangers can offer teachers and students a unique opportunity to know more about Indigenous connections to local reef systems. The Rangers also participate in place-based learning activities with students on the reef.

Career Pathways

During class presentations, the Rangers discuss their past education and training pathways in relation to their current positions. The Rangers present social, cultural, economic and historical context to their positions and future aspirations for their employment journey.

The Rangers present as strong Indigenous people working on Land and Sea Country and represent excellent role models of Indigenous and non-Indigenous students.

GBR Biology Education Partners


Ranger Education Training on the Great Barrier Reef

GBR Biology offers the Indigenous Land and Sea Country Rangers opportunities to train on the Great Barrier Reef and build capacity in skill sets specialising in:

  • Reef education programs
  • Snorkelling and Diving skills and qualifications
  • Coral identification
  • Reef species identification
  • Coral reef health surveys
  • Crown of Thorns research
  • Facilitation of Sea Country education stories and resources

Ranger Partnership Success

  • Connections to Country
  • Building capacity, skill sets and knowledge of the Great Barrier Reef
  • Working together on Sea Country
  • Promoting Indigenous culture and diversity
  • Professional role models for students
  • Partnerships with local schools in presenting creative and authentic learning opportunities for Sea Country Education

Launch of the Yarrabah State School “Junior Gunggandji Ranger Program” 

GBR Biology and the Gunggandji Land and Sea Country Rangers have been working with Yarrabah State High School teachers and students as part of the “Junior Gunggandji Ranger Program” initiative. The program aligns with the Australian curriculum and promotes connections to Sea Country.

GBR Biology and the Rangers have completed a series of classroom presentations focusing on:

  • Why is the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) so significant?
  • Local, national and global connections to the GBR
  • Structures that make up the GBR
  • Biology of corals
  • Key Indicator species
  • Coral health
  • Eye on the Reef Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Rapid Monitoring research programs
  • Land and Sea Country connections to the Gunggandji community